At Prep to Plate we are Professional, qualified chefs not only passionate about how food tastes but also passionate about how food makes us feel. In the past we have always enjoyed creating new tasty dishes with no real thought of what that food was doing to our body, leaving us feeling sluggish, tired and generally lazy. This is where the idea for Prep to Plate came from. We asked ourselves...

Could we recreate these dishes healthier and guilt free?

Could we still enjoy the food we love but instead of feeling sluggish and tired feel energised and motivated?

Could we replicate the same amazing flavours but still have each dish within your calorie deficit?

Could we provide each and every meal to the highest of standards?

After extensive research and a lot of trial and error the answer was Yes. Yes we could recreate healthy guilt free dishes. Yes these dishes energised and left us feeling motivated. Yes we could replicate amazing low calorie flavours. Yes every meal made could be produced at the highest of standards. We started from the kitchen in our house providing meals to a couple of friends. Soon a couple turned into 5 and then into 10... Now it’s time to share with you guys. Having secured a local commercial kitchen we are ready to supply all of Glasgow with the healthy, tasty meals that they deserve.

It has never been more important to keep not only our bodies healthy but also our minds “Healthy body, Healthy mind”. All our problems can’t be fixed overnight but putting an order in with Prep to Plate is a step in the right direction.

Don’t wait until next week to improve your life style, start today, the Prep to Plate way.



Since its launch, Prep to Plate has continued to grow from strength to strength.

Thousands of meals were delivered across the central belt - even to some famous faces including 2013 X Factor star Nicky McDonald, wrestling ace Wolfgang and Old Firm football legends Ian Durrant and Jackie McNamara, and even Jason Manford while touring in Glasgow!

Prep to Plate featured in the Barrhead Times after we donated meals to the Catherine McEwan Foundation, which supports people living with Crohn’s disease and colitis.

Shortly before celebrating Prep to Plate's first birthday, we were delighted to not only be nominated but go on to win a Prestige Awards award for Best Food Delivery Service.

We're incredibly grateful for every single person who has ordered, recommended, and supported Prep to Plate so far - there's plenty more to come!